Social Media Simplified – Create Your Blueprint for Consulting Success

If you want to be more active online and you feel that social media is taking a huge amount of time in your day without giving you the results you expect, you are not alone. We want to connect with more people but we have less time to do the work we are supposed to do, plus, there are so many tools and platforms, that it is really confusing to decide where we should invest our precious time.

I want to give you a quick update on Social Media Platforms and give you a framework that will help you create your own blueprint for success. If you are either a consultant, coach or a service provider who finds clients online, you need to target the right message to the right people in the right place.

Join me in my free online workshop on January 13th, to learn more about social media platforms and how to better use them to build a community of people interested in what you have to offer.

More about Me

My name is Marcela Urteaga, and I’m a recovering workaholic. I work full time as an organizational consultant and I help people and organizations share what they love with the people they serve. I know that it is difficult to create a brand and get clients while also working full-time.

Over the last 18 years, my life has gone through major changes. In 2012 I finished a master’s degree and I wanted to re-orient my career towards consulting, but when I lost my job a few months later, I really struggled to find another one. I was living in Montreal and French was my fourth language. I had to take care of my family and apply to every job where I reasonably met their requirements while building my consulting practice. I also fought depression.

Throughout the most difficult years of my life, I had the opportunity to learn about digital content and online businesses, and I was able to emerge as a digital strategist and social media manager. I did this for a couple of years while building my practice. Later, when I got a job in my field again, I decided to create a digital academy and help other people who were struggling with these challenging times. I called this community Kaironauts (Kairós means uncertain times), as we were navigating this crucial time, which is also an uncertain one.

Although I have been facilitating online communities since 1996, online media sometimes seemed daunting. Plus, it takes a lot of time that we could be spending in serving our customers.

Time is our most precious resource, and that’s why many people struggle to build a business like this. I currently work as a consultant and coach, and I dedicate about 3-4 hours a week (half of the time goes into promotion and the other half to the creation of new content, such as courses, workbooks, templates, and more) to maintain and grow my community of Kaironauts.