Sometimes we feel that there are things working against us. Or we feel we don’t have enough time to do what we want to do and we become frustrated because we want to do more and we cannot move forward.

This course is for you if you want to:

I invite you to take my free course or to purchase my 3-hour course on Enneagram and Change to learn a little more about how your personality supports or interferes in achieving lasting change and how to facilitate the process of change and acquisition of habits.

I am about to record the Enneagram course for parents again if you want to better understand your children and help them develop in a healthy way. Register in my free course and you will receive an invitation to new courses.

What’s Next?

•Take my Coaching sessions

•Acquire a workbook to plan the year

•Take another one of my courses – Reinvent Yourself, Kaironautic Warp4 (with the best of the different personal development courses) Click here to see all the courses

Why take this course with Marcela Urteaga?
Marcela has 7 years of experience facilitating sessions for York University and other organizations on the subject of the Enneagram. She has covered personal and team development topics using the Enneagram. Some of her workshops are:

-Enneagram for teams

-Enneagram for leaders

-Student needs according to the Enneagram

-Building Resilience with the Enneagram

-Enneagram and conflict

Marcela has studied with:
-Tom Condon – Dynamic Enneagram and Change (2016, Changeworks)

-Angie Arendt and Peter McGaugh- Enneagram Instincts (2014, DeepLife)

-James Gavin – Enneagram and Coaching (2011, Concordia University)