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I have been helping my clients to design and live their lives to the fullest since 2006. I started out offering career coaching and career planning and soon I realized that both are inextricably linked with life coaching.

I have been an executive coach since 2005 when I began offering coaching services to the managers and directors of the Panasonic plant where I worked, and I continue to do so to this day in every organization where I have worked. You can see my education and certification list here.

You will be interested in working with me if you feel that:

  • You want to change careers
  • You have tried unsuccessfully to find a better job
  • You are an immigrant and you have not found the right job
  • You need to reinvent yourself
  • You need to balance your life and work
  • You need tools to deal with the difficulties of your life
  • You feel stuck in a situation and you don’t know how to change
  • You want to start a business and you are not sure how to start, or what to do

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a methodology to support and accompany you in any development process. You should be clear on a result you want to achieve in order to prioritize what you should work on. There are several methodologies, but the process I use is Integral Coaching, along with the Enneagram framework.

I have been coaching online since 2015 with great results. I offer 60 minutes sessions and I have found that bi-monthly sessions are the ones that work best.

Mine are absolutely personalized sessions, where we will discuss the issue, dig deeper into the root cause, and create a strategy and a plan to work on. I will offer you some tools to help you continue working on the topic.

Invest in yourself, you are your most valuable asset!

Each person needs something different, and depending on what they want to address, the number of sessions can change. The investment per session is $257 CAD per hour.

By paying for your coaching sessions you will get:

  •  Unlimited email contact while we work together (up to three weeks after the session if you only book one session), with a 24-hour response time
  • A list of generative questions to help you work on the topic
  •  Custom assignments to help you develop the topic you are working on

Coaching Package

3-month investment (6 bi-monthly sessions, one hour each). The investment of this package is $1285 CAD (you only pay for 5!), which can be covered in 3 monthly payments.

Additionally, with your 3 months of investment, you will receive:

  • Unlimited email contact as we work together, with a 24-hour turnaround time
  • Personalized assignments to help you develop the topic you’re working on
  • My list of favorite books on Personal Development on the subject we are working on
  • A list of generative questions to help you work on the topic
  • A 20% discount on my courses or coaching sessions for the next 12 months

Since my preparation is the result of my 20 years of experience in leadership development and personal development, I am convinced that this package is of great value.

Do you want to work with me and your team to help change team dynamics, organizational culture and change management? Message me for consulting rates.

88% of people abandon their projects

before their start

Our inner voice (the one that seeks to maintain our comfort zone) will try to convince you that it is not necessary to do this. The more stuck you are in your life, the more you will hear it say that everything is fine.

Make a decision within 5 seconds (yes, there are studies that prove that after that time, our minds will try to convince us otherwise) and schedule an appointment to talk with me. No ties or costs, not even sales pitches. Just schedule me for a 30-minute session to chat and see if we are a good match.

If you decide to work with me just select the number of sessions you wish to have and make the payment. I’ll send you back a link to my calendar so you can schedule your appointment(s). Your payment must be made before the appointment occurs. If you pay for one session only and then want to invest for 3 months, I will give you the full discount.

Ofrezco coaching en español también.