Find a simple and easy way to start your online business

My name is Marcela Urteaga, I have been an organizational consultant for 10 years and I am dedicated to helping people meet their goals. In 2020 I founded my virtual academy, Kaironautas, to help others navigate this uncertain time. Throughout my career I have learned a couple of things about getting results and although my professional life has had several ups and downs, in two years I went from being almost bankrupt to being an organizational consultant at one of the three largest universities in Canada and five years later to position myself as a change management consultant for one of the four most important software companies in the world. One of the things I see frequently is the frustration of not being able to have an additional income, and of depending on a salary that may not be enough to live a happy life. I’d like to help you explore what you know, think about what ideas might work to help you create a passive income.